Leyden Car Centre has the expertise and experience to cover all manner of vehicle repairs, from MOT failures, to clutches, to engine diagnostics.

All repairs are carried out to the highest standard, by our fully trained and highly experienced technicians.

Some of the repairs we offer include the following:

Basically we undertake all manner of repairs and servicing on all makes and models of vehicle!

Cambelt Replacement - Please Read!!

Most modern engines have a nylon timing belt or cambelt rather than the timing chains found on older vehicles. These nylon belts have a limited lifespan and MUST be changed within the manufacturer's recommended intervals (usually a set number of miles or period of time).

Failure to change the belt could lead to it snapping whilst you are driving, which can cause serious damage (bent valves or worse!) which could be extremely expensive to repair.

Do not take the chance of your cambelt snapping, if you are in doubt about whether your cambelt needs to be changed contact us today for no obligation advice.

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